Cat Boarding

Our feline guests spend leisurely days relaxing in their own quiet and private cat condo. Your kitty will enjoy our two to three level kitty condos, type of condo can be subject to change upon peak and busy times. Please call for more information.    All condos are complete with their own personal food, water and litter box. We have beds and toys available or you are welcome to bring your cat’s favorite things from home.

Cats enjoy a quiet, cozy, spacious and separate cattery from the dog boarding area. Our guest cats receive lots of daily attention, admiration, and personal maid service.


All cats staying in our kitty condos are required to have proof of Rabies and the Feline Distemper Combo. Feline Leukemia is optional.


Whispering Pines Pet Resort offers Felidae and Iams dry and canned Cat food for our boarding cats. Customers are welcome to bring their cat’s own food if desired. We require all food to be in a hard-sided Tupperware type container with a lid. We will be happy to cater to your cat’s eating habits.


All medication is required to be in the original container in which it was dispensed. There is no additional charge for medication except for insulin shots, which are $5.00 per shot.

Rates for boarding cats are as follows

$18.00 per cat

$34.00 for two cats together

15% off for three or more cats


We feed Iams dry cat food. You may bring your cat’s favorite food dry and or canned. All dry food brought from home must be in an airtight plastic or metal container. All medications/supplements brought from home must be in original containers.


We do require all cats to be current on Rabies, Feline Distemper highly recommend feline Leukemia vaccination.

Dog Boarding

Whispering Pines Pet Resort offers a wide variety of suites to fit every dog’s individual needs. We offer private accommodations and family suites. We provide water buckets, food dishes, beds and blankets to all dogs during their stay. All dogs at Whispering Pines Pet Resort have private indoor and outdoor runs. Our facility is climate controlled so your dogs will always be comfortable in Colorado’s unpredictable weather. Your dog will receive loving, individual care from our knowledgeable staff. We pride ourselves on taking the time to really get to know your pet and what he or she needs in order to be happy and healthy during her stay. Every dog has an information tag that allows our staff to personalize and cater to all your dog’s needs.


Whispering Pines “house” food is included with our overnight charge.  We also have some Premium brands available, Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach, Eukanuba and Canidae at a additional cost of $2.00 per day.  You are welcome and encouraged to bring your dog’s personal food. If this is your preference, then please remember that we require all incoming food to be in an air tight container such as a Tupperware type or a dog food tin or tote – as long as it is hard-sided and has a lid. We have canned food and Iams biscuits available, although we welcome any specific canned food or treats that you would like to bring for your pet. Whispering Pines Pet Resort feeds twice a day, generally around 7:30 AM and 5:00 PM. Our staff is able to adjust to your dog’s feeding schedule as requested, from one to three times a day. We accept raw diets, but we do ask that each meal is individually packaged for convenience. We have a refrigerator, freezer and microwave to help cater to your pet’s meals. Multiple family pets are separated briefly during feeding times so that our staff can assure that each dog is getting the proper amount of food and medications.


Our professional staff can address most medication needs. Whispering Pines Pet Resort requires that all incoming medication arrives in the original container that it was dispensed in. This also includes vitamins, supplements, ointments and all over the counter items. No baggies or pill containers are allowed. Our staff will carefully go over all medications with you when you check in. We do not charge extra for administering medications except for insulin shots, which is $5.00 per shot for both diabetic cats and dogs.


Whispering Pines Pet Resort offers a wide variety of bedding for our guests. We have cots, platforms, rubber mats, cuddlers and lots of soft blankets available to keep you pets warm and cozy. While we are happy to supply your pet with bedding, you are also more than welcome to bring bedding from home. We only require that all bedding be able to be machine washed and that the entire bed be able to fit in our washing machine. We launder beds daily as many of the dogs like to bring the outdoors back in with them! Whispering Pines Pet Resort is not responsible for any damaged bedding.


Whispering Pines Pet Resort has many varieties of toys available in our play yards. Our customers are welcome to bring approved toys from home, although we do not allow tennis balls or any item smaller than a tennis ball. We also do not allow white rawhides or certain types of stuffed toys. Your pet’s safety is our #1 priority.


For your pet’s safety, we also require that all dogs who are coming in or out of Whispering Pines Pet Resort to be on a leash.

We require proof of current vaccination history prior to boarding. Dogs must be current on Rabies and Distemper.

Medication/supplements must be in their original containers, no pill containers or baggies.

Bedding must be machine washable, but in case you forget your dog’s bed we have plenty of bedding to accommodate your dog!

Boarding hours

7:00 AM – 6:30 PM Monday- Friday

7:30 AM – 3:00 PM Saturday

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM, and again at 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM Sunday

Our rates per suite for dogs

One dog – $25.00 per day

Two dogs sharing a run – $48. 00 per day

HOLIDAY RATES – Thanksgiving week and the week prior to Christmas and through the weekend following New Years, our HOLIDAY RATES apply of $5 per dog, per day increase. A $100 deposit is required to reserve your space and will be applied to your bill.

Other holidays we might be closed or opened for limited hours. Please call for specifics.

Exercise options (playgroup, walk, or individual playtime) are an additional $5.00 per dog per session.

Daycare options while boarding is 10.00 per dog for a full day. Five hours or less is considered a half day and it is $8.00 per dog.


All runs are covered indoor and outdoor. Dogs can choose to be in or out, all runs indoor are climate controlled with radiant overhead heat, and swamp coolers. Boarding dog’s doors to outside runs are opened at 6:30 AM, and lights are out and doors are closed at 10:00 PM at night.


Dogs are generally fed two times a day, if your dog requires more two times per day we can adjust to their schedule. We are equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, and freezer to accommodate any diet. We can even feed your dog raw if you like! We can provide food while boarding, we use Eukanuba, Canidae, Diamond, and ProPlan. You may choose from any of these foods, or bring your own. If you are bringing food from home, it must be in a hard-sided container with a lid, like a tote or “tupperware”-type container. We cannot accept food in a baggie or even a bag of dog food.


On your day of pickup, there are no charges if you check your dog out by 10:00 AM. If you check out your dog between 10 and 2:00 PM, you will pay an exercise charge ranging from 5 – 10 depending on your dog’s workout schedule. After 2:00 PM there is a $16 day charge.